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Our hubris impedes our revolution

As a rather tight-knit tech community we should not stand for, back, or collaborate with anyone who treats people unfairly.


Another Brick in the Wall

For decades, banks, insurers and payment processors have operated under a strategy that “bigger is better” and that acting as a one stop shop for customers is the pathway to success. At SGVC, we believe that 2008 marked a watershed event for the financial services industry as banks would later face enhanced regulatory pressures from legislation such as Dodd-Frank as well as a sustained lower interest rate environment fueled by a dovish Fed. At the same time, customers and enterprises continued to embrace digital solutions at an accelerated pace…


The Stars Finally Align for Mobile Live Streaming

In February of 2014, live streaming video social network pivoted into Twitch, which focuses solely on gamers. The company, founded in 2006, built their network of live streamers on a desktop computer. Eventually, the switch to gaming made sense because gamers are tied to a desktop. Six months after becoming Twitch, the company sold to Amazon for $1BN, Amazon’s second largest acquisition to date. Almost a year after Twitch’s sale, names like Periscope, Meerkat and YouNow are igniting a firestorm of discussion on the future of social live streaming. Why now?

Cycles of Innovation

The consumer facing payment processing market has matured; there is little capacity for new products and technology. There is a winding down of this cycle of innovation and it now appears to be an environment where current players are fighting for market share and adoption. Observing the lessons from PayPal’s success, the solutions they brought and the problems they address, the partners at SGVC have made a thesis-based investment shift…


Substance and Innovation

Often in venture capital and the software and tech community we see companies that can make some of us roll our eyes. For example, there is a new novelty app that gets tens of thousands of downloads in its first week, but has little lasting engagement. It then quietly disappears after a few years to the next oddity or after it burns through the funding. The results: Investors are jaded, entrepreneurs hope to survive, engineers move to the next startup, and critics wonder ‘what real value does technology bring’?


Software as an Investment Asset Class

Among many of the venture capital trends and focuses of the past 12 years, we are beginning to see the winding down of originality and real innovation in the realm of consumer facing Internet companies, and a significant move towards investments and true innovation in B2B and B2B2C software. Here at SG VC, the partners have witnessed and actively capitalized on this shift by investing in companies from one of the world’s best hubs of software and technological innovation: Israel.