(Group 11) | Our hubris impedes our revolution
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Our hubris impedes our revolution
Dovi Frances, Q2 2017

I don’t know Justin Caldbeck of Binary Capital and have never worked with him. I also don’t know if he has done what is alleged in this article, (and other articles on this matter), but I do think we should have zero tolerance for any abuse of authority and any act of discrimination.

As a rather tight-knit tech community we should not stand for, back or collaborate with anyone who treats people unfairly — whether they’re male or female, white, of color, gay or straight.

With that, one has to wonder about the root of certain behaviors exhibited in recent months in quite a few prominent Silicon Valley companies and a few venture funds (Zenefits, Uber, Reddit, Rothenberg Ventures, to name a few).

Those raise significant concerns that we might have forgotten what this journey is all about.

It’s not about sexual/gender harassment. It’s not about Uber’s management. (I am not overly worried, they are bound to do well.) It’s not about Ether flash-crash, or its insane appreciation. (Unwarranted, but who am I to judge?) It’s not about the newest ICO offering that raised X hundred MMs of (hmm — dollars?) in three hours. And it’s not about us becoming rich overnight.

It’s about hard work. It’s about discipline. It’s about fostering relationships and building a legacy. It’s about changing things for the better. It’s about a revolution.

It’s about your next of kin. It’s about the fate of what we have inherited from our parents.

Let’s focus on what matters. Let’s change what we can actually impact.

Let’s focus on the revolution that is underway. Let’s not be swayed by our hubris, ego, false prophets and false promises of money and fame.

Let’s grow up. Let’s just be better.