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Why We Invested in RadPad
The Last Check You’ll Write
Devon Morris, Q1 2015

Over a year ago, Dovi and I were visiting some contacts in Venice Beach and had a brief meeting with Jonathan Eppers of RadPad

It is few and far between that you meet people like Jonathan. He has a positive and contagious energy, but also an extremely solid and serious demeanor. He sets a high bar in his product’s design and UI, and vigorously defends its value and the time invested. Obviously, he has built a similarly young and driven team that all share this vision and work ethic. These are the type of founders and entrepreneurs you love and are blessed to work with and know they’re going big or going home with your investment.

We love the audacity and early success of the team’s approach. Not a year and a half ago, they were a few guys with laptops and brightly colored signs in Venice that were outperforming LA’s incumbent rental monopoly. They garnered so much attention and adoption in the first few months of launch, that their old guard competitors were using their RadPad platform to try and steal customers back to their ridiculously dated, overpriced and inefficient subscription models. They are now the largest lister in LA and expanding with physical presences in D.C. and Chicago.

The long term goal included rental payments and the basis for a new type of rental credit score

In our initial meeting back in Venice, Jonathan outlined his vision of rental payments and a feature rich rental marketplace. More than just a beautifully designed application where renters can find their next rad pad and a replacement for Craigslist, the long term goal included rental payments and the basis for a new type of rental credit score. If RadPad knows who is paying what rent on time, how valuable is that knowledge to the next landlord? To a future lender? To an alternative credit reporting agency? RadPad evolves from a sleek application and service to a significant company with real weight and value to the customer, lister, and industry as a whole. The best part: the landlord doesn’t have to be on RadPad to get the rental check! RadPad can physically cut a check and send it to the user’s landlord, automating the whole processes and a genius way to get adoption and landlord acquisition.

With only a few months after their launch of rental payments synched with Apple Pay’s launch, RadPad’s long term value is rapidly building. Featured on BuzzFeed, TechTimes, LA Times, Jonathan’s weekly appearance on Fox, and now Apple’s Top New Apps, RadPad has received significant press for its forward looking approach to millennials, their needs, and their expectations. Ask someone under 20 to write a check, a person and generation that has almost the entirety of their information flowing through a device that fits in their hands and pockets. You will get stares, intermittent with glances to their status updates; RadPad is perfect for them!

Now, I’m paying my own rent through RadPad’s app and convenient service:


I haven’t written a check in months.